The Best Ways to Apply Perfume

Coco Chanel used to say that a woman should apply the perfume where she wishes to be kissed. Interesting enough, it’s partially true. However, you should mind that they are not tasty at all. Let’s find out how to put on your favorite fragrances and why.

The peculiarities of perfume application

All experts agree that it’s best to leave a drop of perfume on spots where the blood vessels are the closest to the skin. There’s no magic behind it. The truth is that these are the warmest spots, and they can heat up the fragrance. When heated any smell gets stronger, perfume is not an exception. That’s why apply it to the inner wrists and elbows, the lower part of your neck, behind the ears and knees, etc. The notes will gradually open and emanate from your skin into the air leaving the pleasant odor.

When you visitar web and discover a great variety of perfumes, you’ll notice that there are other scented products including shower gel, body lotion, cream, dry perfume, etc. You should try them. These are probably the best helpers you can use to prolong the life of your fragrance on you. Use the products with the same scent to layer the aroma and make it last longer. Even light scented sprays will last much longer on hydrated skin (especially if the lotion has the same scent). Sometimes it’s impossible to put the collection together. In this case, you simply get a fragrance-free cream or lotion and finish with your perfume.

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