The benefits of Microsoft Word: Functions you should know about

What functions and options does modern Microsoft Office offer? What are its main benefits in comparison to other text editors? Find out a brief description of its newest tools and services you can start using right now

Microsoft Word: the newest features

Microsoft Word remains to be one of the most popular programs worldwide. Furthermore, its tools and options become even more powerful from year to year. What are its newest utilities? The answer is below.

  • Shared document. Now, you have an opportunity to share your MS Word file to your colleagues and edit the document simultaneously. You shouldn’t wait for your turn and save multiple changes, made by each user. This feature works similar to Google Docs, making Word format even more popular.
  • Have an access to your Word document anywhere. Now you can easily view and edit your files remotely. The documents become accessible with a shareable link and can be used in a wide range of devices and locations.
  • Change your PDF files to Word. If you need to change your file resolution from PDF to Word, there is nothing easier. You can use a convenient converter that is developed to transform your files on the fly. The process of converting doesn’t require any using complicated functions and usually takes less than a couple of seconds.

All in all, when it comes to advanced editing, nothing can beat the modern tools of Microsoft Word.

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